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Daintree Core Income Trust.

A cornerstone of our investment philosophy is capital preservation. Our Core Income Trust invests in a high quality portfolio of fixed income securities, with an expected average credit quality rating of A+ of better.


Daintree Capital through its absolute return Core Income Trust provides investors with a higher income than generally available through term deposit and banking products. With the RBA Cash Rate at 1.5% many investors are looking for a higher return, but wish to remain conservatively invested. Daintree’s Core Income seeks to provide a solution to this dual objective. We offer two classes of units to Australian and New Zealand investors: Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar units.


The aim of the Trust is to provide a steady stream of income and capital stability over the medium term, by investing in a diversified portfolio of credit fixed income securities and cash, and to provide a total return (after fees) that exceeds the Benchmark measured throughout a market cycle.

Investor Profile

The Trust may be suitable for investors with an investment horizon of three years or more, who are seeking a high level of capital security from a well diversified portfolio of fixed income securities with returns that should exceed those available from cash and other short term investments.

AUD Unit Price (Entry)
12 Jul 2018


NZD Unit Price (Entry)
12 Jul 2018


Latest Commentary & Performance
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AUD Unit Price (Exit)
12 Jul 2018


NZD Unit Price (Exit)
12 Jul 2018


Product Disclosure Statement
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Risk/Return profile

Low to medium

Returns achieved mainly through


Income distribution


Min. recommended investment period

3 years

Minimum investment


Minimum added investment


Average Credit Quality


Research Ratings

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