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Daintree Trust added to new platforms

FE Investment Centre – Oksana Patron

Daintree Capital’s Core Income Trust has been added to the Mason Stevens and Netwealth platforms. The move followed the trust’s recent addition to the HUB24 platform, the company said. The availability of the trust on platforms would offer adviser clients easier access to Daintree’s fixed income strategy. Daintree’s capital director and portfolio manager of credit, Mark Mitchell, said the decision was driven by strong demand for income-producing strategies in a low interest rate environment, particularly among retirees and other conservative investors who relied on term deposits for their fixed income allocations. “We are pleased that a growing number of advisers will now be able to access our trust and provide clients with a higher income than is generally available through term deposit and banking products, with similar credit risk and higher liquidity,” he said.  The trust seeks to produce a return (net of fees) that exceeds the RBA Cash Rate by 1.50 per cent to two per cent per annum over a rolling three-year period. VIEW ORIGINAL ARTICLE