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Daintree Capital Core Income Trust added to Mason Stevens, HUB24 and Netwealth Platforms

Daintree Capital’s Core Income Trust has been added to the Mason Stevens and Netwealth platforms, giving more advisers and their clients access to the investment manager’s fixed income strategy which delivers a steady income stream and high level of capital security.

The news follows the Trust’s recent addition to the HUB24 platform, as advisers increasingly demand more innovative portfolio solutions for their income-focused clients.

Daintree Capital Director and Portfolio Manager of Credit Mark Mitchell said having the Core Income Trust included on the platforms’ investment menus would provide adviser clients with more opportunities to access Daintree’s fixed income strategy.

Daintree Capital’s core investment philosophy is based on a robust credit culture, a pragmatic investment process and a focus on the core reason why fixed interest is a key part of client investment portfolios: the preservation of capital and protection against downside risk.

“There has been strong demand for income producing strategies in a low interest rate environment, particularly among retirees and other conservative investors who rely on term deposits for their fixed income allocations,” Mitchell said.

“We are pleased that a growing number of advisers will now be able to access our Trust and provide clients with a higher income than is generally available through term deposit and banking products, with similar credit risk and higher liquidity”.

The Daintree Capital Core Income Trust seeks to produce a return (net of fees) that exceeds the RBA Cash Rate by 1.50%-2.00% p.a. over a rolling three-year period.

The fund also recently achieved an “Investment Grade” rating from Lonsec.

Find out more about the Core Income Trust here.